This program is designed for children with social and self-regulation challenges. This program includes fun learning activities to help children recognize when they are in the different zones (moods and states of alertness) as well as lessons on how to use strategies or tools to regulate the zone they are in. Calming techniques and thinking strategies are explored along with sensory supports so each child has a "toolbox" of strategies from which he/she can choose to help self-regulate for better focus and attention, emotional control, and improved peer social interactions. 

The Four Zones of Regulation:

The Red Zone is used to describe extremely heightened states of alertness and intense emotions.  A person may be elated or experiencing anger, rage, explosive behavior, devastation, or terror when in the Red Zone. 

The Yellow Zone is also used to describe a heightened state of alertness and elevated emotions; however, one has some control when they are in the Yellow Zone.  A person may be experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, excitement, silliness, the wiggles, or nervousness when in the Yellow Zone.

The Green Zone is used to describe a calm state of alertness. A person may be described as happy, focused, content, or ready to learn when in the Green Zone.  This is the zone where optimal learning occurs.  

The Blue Zone is used to describe low states of alertness and down feelings, such as when one feels sad, tired, sick, or bored.