The Listening Program is a method to train or re-train the ear and brain to process sound without distortion. It is based on the work of Alfrend Tomatis who believes that the quality of one's listening ability affects spoken and written language, level of alertness, level of creativity, and the ability to focus. It's an effective approach that helps improve brain function, reduce stress, and trains the brain in the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn, and communicate.

This program is based on the study of Psycholinguistics, which is the psychological study of hearing. The program uses applied psychoacoustics to enhance the natural abilities inherent within musical structure. It enhances one's perception to the full spectrum of sound, which is not typical in everyday life.

Listener Benefits: Empirical evidence from scientific studies has demonstrated that almost anyone can benefit from TLP, however it is especially beneficial for those individuals experiencing difficulties in listening, sensory, learning, language, reading, attention, memory, social communication, behavior, cognitive, and auditory processing. 

Access the research on TLP at The Listening Program website.